Bethesda Softworks: Summer 2006 - Present
Fallout 3 - Game of the Year (Gamasutra, IGN, OXM)
Quest Designer, Writer
Writing memorable dialogue and unique characters, designing branching storylines with emphasis on high player agency. Creating content, setting lore, and games systems for massive RPGs in collaborative design teams.

Art In Transit: Winter 2005 – Summer 2006
Producer, Artist
Founded city-wide, $10,000+ public art display program, coordinating funding, publicity, display schedule, and message integrity with 31 artists and 3 major organizations. Organized multiple traditional and non-traditional gallery displays.

McKesson: Summer 2003 - Summer 2006
Flash Animator, Interactive Designer
Designing rapid prototypes of engaging educational Flash animations and lessons for nation-wide education of employees and customers. Working closely with educational and technical team for high-speed development of lessons and proprietary tools. Developing comprehensive training programs for education of industry professionals in major pharmacy chains.

Demiurge Studios:
Summer 2002
Enveloped and animated high-detail primary characters for PS2 demo of the Unreal engine, including visemes and facial emotions. Integrated work with other team members with eye towards character and consistency, using 3D Studio Max.

Social Robot Project: Spring 2000 - Summer 2001
Creative Designer, Animator, Writer
Developed character personality through dialogue and 3-D animation using proprietary, UNIX-based animation and scripting software. Worked with project leaders, providing creative input for overall visual and interactive feel of character.

Building Virtual Worlds: Spring 2000 – Summer 2001
Texture Mapper, Writer, Animator
Worked in small groups with programmers and modelers to develop interactive virtual reality worlds and stories, under Randy Pausch at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center. Developed settings, characters, and interactions for short stories while animating using proprietary software.

The Camarilla: Autumn 1996 – Winter 2004
Global Setting Advisor, Regional and Venue Storyteller
Developed stories, plots, and rules sets for worldwide live action role-playing game, working in conjunction with international teams of assistant storytellers. Created global history and setting for specific character types, with a focus on creating rich story potential for all players. Directed story for East Central Region of the United States, overseeing plot arcs and actions of dozens of players and storytellers across seven states in person and online.